BioEnergetics to Overcome Your Disease, No Matter the Label

The medical industry is based on a disease model. When you show certain symptoms, the medical people will check your list of symptoms and give it a collective name. This is called a disease. Anyone with that list of symptoms is labeled to have that particular disease.

Following a medical diagnosis, you will most often be given drugs or surgery. Unfortunately, the drugs interfere with your body’s natural response to the health problem, and surgery involve cutting into the body and eliminating internal body parts.

While the medical industry is based on physical symptoms and naming the disease, bioenergetics is based on the root cause of many health ailments – energy. Bioenergetics looks for blocked energy flow in your body. In bioenergetics, emotional shocks and traumas, stress, patterns of emotions and thoughts, etc. – are recognized as having strong impact on your health. It also recognizes invisible elements such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones and WiFi and microwaves and so on can all have biological effects on your health. Bioenergetics is an emerging field of healthcare where our focus is in understanding, assessing, and correcting the body’s energy control system. In bioenergetics, the goal is to know how the body should be operating, because when it’s operating correctly, the wisdom of the body already knows how to heal itself and stay healthy. We want the body to express this wisdom. And we support it in doing so by using resonance to communicate with it, providing bioenergetic remedies to bring your body back to health. Energy follows frequencies, so if we can provide the right ones, we can restore better function and let the body work its own miracles from there. As an example, if you were blindfolded in a large field and told to reach a very specific spot, you’d only reach that spot by sheer luck. But if a sound was played for you from that spot, you could locate it even while blindfolded, simply by following the frequencies (the sound). There is already plenty of research out there showing how light, sound, and magnetic fields can all impact the body, right down to the DNA. Because of this, there is no doubt that the future of healing will increasingly focus on the body’s energy. You can now get your bioenergetic scan and bioenergetics remedies from HijamaEnergetics.

Healing Chronic Disease with Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics can bring about desirable results to overcoming a wide range of ailments that medical industry is unable to handle. Each cell of your body emits sets of frequencies that interact with each other and create very unique patterns. Our bioenergetic scan reveals where the blocked energies are in your body. Then we provide liquid bioenergetic remedies to correct the imbalance. That’s how we restore your own body’s wisdom and support you through whatever ailment you are struggling with.

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