Do You Have Blockages in Your Kidneys?

Your kidneys play the crucial role of filtering your blood of waste, and flushing out the waste via the urine. If the kidneys are not able to do their job effectively due to blockages, waste would build up in the blood. If the kidneys are damaged severely, then the person has to be hooked up to a machine in order to clean their blood.

Before that stage of kidney failure, its important to keep an eye on your kidney function to make sure its functioning okay. Kidney disease doesn’t show itself in the beginning stages, and we can easily overlook its decline in function, thinking everything is fine with our kidneys, when its not.

Kidney pain can feel like a dull ache that gets more intense when someone presses on the area. You may also feel sharp pains in your back, side, or groin. The pain can also be felt in the legs, In most cases, the pain is felt only on one side of your body, but some kidney problems can affect both kidneys at the same time. When both kidneys are involved, you feel pain on both sides. Kidney pain is different from lower back pain as your kidneys sit in your mid-back below your ribs on either side of your spine. Metallic taste in your mouth is another indication of kidney blockages. It is due to buildup of waste in your bloodstream due to faulty working kidneys. Rashes, acne and itching of the skin often occurs with unhealthy kidney function due to the fact that they are becoming inefficient in removing waste from the bloodstream. As waste builds up, it will surface on the skin with rashes, acne and itching. Poor kidney function will often cause internal body temperature to decrease, resulting in feeling cold particular in the extremities such as feet, hands, ears and nose. If your kidneys are failing, excess fluid in the body won’t drain as normal, which results in a buildup of fluid and swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, or hands. Kidneys make urine. If your kidneys are failing, you may feel urgency in urination. You may also be getting up frequently throughout the night to relieve yourself. You may urinate in greater quantity and with increased pressure. Your urine may be foamy or contain traces of blood. Another sign of kidney blockages is having sleep difficulties. Most frequently these sleep problems include disorders such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. You may even have limb movements and twitches, which can make it challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep. HijamaEnergetics offers a 6-month natural healing treatment for overcoming kidney blockages and restoring kidney function.

HijamaEnergetics for Overcoming Kidney Blockages

Kidney problems can be overcome by natural means. HijamaEnergetics uses natural treatments such as hijama, herbs, nutrition, microcurrent therapy, bioenergetics remedies and emotional healing. The goal is to bring your kidneys back to function efficiently.

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