Down with Fatigue and Low Energy? Try Bioenergetics

For attaining and maintaining good health, you need to have good blood circulation throughout the body. If there are blockages, this can restrict blood flow to your body’s tissue and organs. Like a delivery driver who runs into traffic problems and delay along his route, blood flow also can hit blocks along the way and slow down.

Obstacles in your blood vessels make it hard for blood to get through, especially when trying to reach the parts of your body that are the longest distance away from your heart ― your fingers and toes. The biggest problem with poor circulation is that your cells aren’t getting as much oxygen as they need. When cells don’t have the oxygen they need, they can’t function well.

One of the consequences of having poor blood circulation is chest pain. This pain is caused by restricted blood flow to the heart muscles. Your heart muscles won’t receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly. This condition is commonly called angina. Angina is indicated by a tight, heavy feeling in the chest – often described as cramping – which sometimes radiates across the arms, neck, jaw or back. It is a warning sign that you have an increased risk of a heart attack. Poor blood circulation can also result in feelings of weakness and numbness in those areas. When there is poor blood circulation to the kidneys, it can lead to swelling in your feet. When the valves in the vein become weakened, blood and pressure builds up causing the veins just below the surface of the skin to become usually blue or purple in color. These varicose veins often appear near the feet and ankles. When blood supply is restricted, the body lacks the fuel it needs to maintain optimum energy and temperature levels. This can lead to lethargy and feeling colder than normal. It can lead to your fingers and toes changing color when you’re cold, anxious or stressed, accompanied by symptoms like pain and numbness. Painful cramps in your calf muscles, and also in your hip and thigh may happen. These cramps are due to a lack of oxygen and nutrients reaching your tissues effectively due to poor flow of blood. The brain relies on blood flow to function properly, so reduced blood flow can result in difficulty concentrating, memory problems and difficulty with planning and slower thoughts. Poor circulation also affects your immune system as the body is not able to fight off infections like before. This means that when your blood flow is restricted, you may find that you get ill more often, take longer to recover from illnesses. Cuts and bruises also don’t heal as quickly. Poor circulation of blood also prevents the roots of your hair from receiving adequate nutrients. Your hair may become thin, weak and fall out. Similarly, poor circulation can prevent your fingers from receiving sufficient blood flow, with your nail beds starved of oxygen. This can result in brittle nails which break easily. When blood flow slows down throughout the body, it can also lead to slower digestive processes. This can result in disrupted bowel movements including constipation, diarrhoea or abdominal pain. Men who have poor circulation may experience difficulties getting an erection due to insufficient blood flow in the reproductive organs resulting in erectile dysfunction. Why suffer the terrible consequences of poor blood circulation. Having regular sessions of HijamaEnergetics every few months can significantly improve your blood circulation and bring back health and vitality.

HijamaEnergetics Sessions for Improving Blood Circulation

The negative consequences of poor blood circulation can be corrected by having regular sessions of HijamaEnergetics. Our Bioenergetic Scan can find blockages in your body and mind that are the result of poor blood circulation.

Once we know where the blockage are, we can tailor the treatment accordingly. We only use natural healing modalities such as Hijama, herbs, bodywork, etc. We also use microcurrent therapy which includes PEMF and Scalar technology that has proved to be highly beneficial in resolving pain and overcoming mental/emotional issues.

We also provide energetic remedies called Infoceuticals that you need at this time. All you have to do is to put a dropperful of it in a cup of water and drink it daily. After a of doing so, you will come back in for another biienergetic scan to find where the blockages are at that time. You will be working on correcting energetic distortations layer by layer like peeling an onion for 4-6 months until your health issue is resolved.

The bioenergetic scan costs $100, but if you do the HijamaEnergetics session with us, that amount is credited back to you, so you end up paying zero for the scan. The infoceuticals are $60 each, so for 5 infoceuticals the cost is $300.

HijamaEnergetics provides an effective natural treatment to overcome your health problems. We only use natural healing remedies such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies to assist the body’s own healing. Contact us by phone or email to setup a HijamaEnergetics session for you.

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