Down with Fatigue and Low Energy? Try Bioenergetics

Are you feeling tired, exhausted and having low energy even after getting up from a long night time sleep? Then after doing some physical or mental activity, you get even more tired. This is different from the heavy tiredness you may feel from a demanding job, too many late nights, stress or depression. This is a tiredness you feel for days, weeks or months.

On top of the tiredness, you may have muscle and joint pain, difficulty concentrating, mood swings and even depression. It can also affect your mental ability. You may feel like your brain is not functioning like it did before. You may feel brain fog, or being in a daze. Your memory can become slow and you may not be able to recall things.

Chronic fatigue can make you feel tired, exhausted and low energy throughout the day. This can go on for days, weeks or months. This always-tired feeling can interfere with your daily activities. You may not be able to do your work like you did before, you may not be able to participate in family activities like before, you may not be able to hang out with friends like before. All because you just don’t have the energy to do the things you did before. You may have tried to motivate yourself and summon the energy you need to get going, but soon realized that doesn’t work. You may have tried to take the drugs that the medical industry wants you to take but find that it comes with unpleasant side effects that cause other health problems. You may even have taken herbs to help your condition but realized that it helped to a point, but couldn’t fully overcome the tiredness. That’s because all these things are on the physical side, and based on chemistry. The truth is that your body like everything else in the universe is based on energy first, and that energy drives all chemical actions. This energy extends throughout your body and even beyond it, giving you a “body-field” of energy that represents the true physical root of who you are. Bioenergetics works on the energetic level, it works on your body-field to correct energetic distortions. These energetic distortions are the real underlying cause of various ailments that you have. By correcting these underlying energetic distortions, the physical and mental issues you are suffering began to resolve and you regain your health again. In the issue of chronic fatigue, by correcting the energetic distortions beneath the physical level, the fatigue you experience began to dissipate and move out of the body. As part of the Bioenergetics process, we would first do a bioenergetic scan to find where the energy distortions are in your body-field. When those energetic distortions are identified, we provide the bioenergetic remedies (called Infoceuticals) to correct the problem. The Infoceuticals work on your body-field by clearing them out layer by layer. That’s why we recommend staying in the Bioenergetic healing program for 6 months, so the energetic distortions can be corrected and your fatigue can be lifted. Depending on your condition, we may include Hijama, herbs and microcurrent therapy in addition to Bioenergetics to overcome your health issue of chronic fatigue. This Ramadan, we are running a special. Half price to try out Bioenergetics for chronic fatigue. If you feel tired all the time, give Bioenergetics from HijamaEnergetics a try. You owe it to yourself to lift the heaviness and get back to the swing of life.

Ramadan Special – Try Bioenergetics for Chronic Fatigue at Half-Price

If you are feeling tired all the time, no energy or low energy that prevents you from doing your work properly, prevents you from enjoying your social activities with family and friends, try a natural approach that can lift you out of your tiredness. Bioenergetics is a 100% natural healing modality that works on the energetic level and corrects the energetic distortions underlying your physical health problems.

This Ramadan, we are offering Bioenergetics at Half-Price for 6 months. The usual price is $480 per month, but in the month of Ramadan, you can try it for Only $240 a month. This includes a Bioenergetic scan and 3 Bioenergetic Infoceuticals remedies every month. Only pay the other half when your pain has reduced considerably. If you don’t find it beneficial to you, you don’t need to pay the other half. Also, you can cancel anytime. You are not tied to the full 6 months.

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