Effect of Emotional Distress on Your Blood Sugar

The medical industry likes to put the blame of diabetes onto your genes. If you were diagnosed with diabetes 2, and you ask the doctor why caused me to get diabetes. The doc will probably say, since your father had diabetes, that’s why you too got diabetes. They may also blame it on overeating, lack of exercise or obesity as the most common causes.

While those reasons may be relevant in some cases, they tend to forget an important cause of diabetes – stress. Emotional stress is the behind-the-scenes reason for many diseases to occur. There are several diseases that can be caused or worsened by stress and diabetes is one of them.

Did you know that emotional distress can cause your blood sugar to spike? Even if you are eating healthy and nutritious foods, but if you are worried, angry, fearful or resentful about something or somebody, your blood sugar will rise up and cause problems in the body. Your body’s blood sugar is controlled mainly by two groups of hormones. The first group is insulin which helps to reduce blood sugar. The second group opposes the action of insulin and increases blood sugar. These second group of hormones include cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline and glucagon. Stress tends to increase the levels of these hormones. If the levels of these hormones are persistently elevated, this can bring about diabetes in a person. If your are already diabetes, it can worsen your condition. Case in point. This is a report by a physician who was working with a diabetic person. Note: The person is a regular American and non-Muslim. The physician reports, “Mrs. S, a 52 year old lady visited me some time ago. She had abnormally high blood sugar – over 600 mg/dl. Despite my best efforts to control her sugar with high doses of insulin and tablets, the sugar remained above 350 mg/dl. Then, suddenly one day after 3 – 4 months, the sugar levels started dropping. We had to withdraw the insulin and later, stopped all her diabetes tablets also. She told me that she was now eating sweets and chocolates every day but her sugars remained normal. She revealed to me and said that her husband had been having an affair with another lady in his office which produced great stress in her life and that was why she had developed diabetes. After a few months, the other lady had got transferred to another city and her husband came back to her. And her diabetes disappeared”. It is important to detect high stress levels in yourself, since the blood sugars will come down only if the stress is relieved or controlled. Reduction of stress often leads to dramatic improvement or even cure of diabetes, as shown in the case above. HijamaEnergetics offers a 12-month comprehensive healing program to balance your blood sugar and bring it to its healthy range. We only use natural healing modalities such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy, bioenergetic remedies, emotional and energy healing.

Overcome Diabetes 2 with HijamaEnergetics

Very often, you may not realize that you are under stress. Some people may have an idea that they are in stress and even if they do, they deny it. However, one should be alert to the signs and symptoms of excess stress, as they may be quite subtle and yet can be serious, and even dangerous.

One should try and accept stressful situations as “challenges” and not as “threats”. Many doctors tend to treat symptoms of stress with drugs without tackling the root cause of the stress. This approach could lead to harmful side-effects. Therefore, we use natural healing modalities such as emotional healing, Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies to help to identify the underlying cause of stress and correct it. The cost of our Overcome Diabetes 2 Naturally program is $1,000 per month for 12 months.

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