Head Clearing Protocol for Serious Brain Ailments

This week I had a man come in asking for a head Hijama. When asked what pain or health condition do you have, he said “brain cancer.” So I proceeded to perform the HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocol which covers Hijama on his head, neck, upper shoulders, shoulder blades and the spine. So much dirty blood came out that he was astonished. When completed, he said he was feeling much better and lighter.

Performing the Head Clearing protocol has many advantages. Doing Hijama on the top head point cleanses the whole head, which includes the brain, eyes, ears, gums, teeth and neck. Doing Hijama on the back of the neck allows blood to flow freely and carry vital oxygen to the brain.

The Prophet (pbuh) used to have Hijama done on the veins on the back of the neck and the upper back (Narrated by Anas (ra), Tirmidhii). When HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocl is performed on these points, blockages are opened up, and blood flow is reestablished. This allows the blood to bring oxygen and nutrients to the brain, making it perform much more optimally. The brain is naturally protected from harmful substances in the bloodstream by a fence-like structure called blood-brain barrier. The blood brain barrier is a single layer of interlocked cells that are tightly joined together. This blood-brain barrier helps to keep most harmful substances out and allow few beneficial substances into the brain. The harmful substances include heavy metals, pesticides, pcbs as well as damaging proteins. The beneficial substances include oxygen, hormones and nutrients. The HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocol helps support the function of the blood-brain barrier. There is a brain condition called leaky brain which causes inflammation. This can lead to mental health conditions. Leaky brain is brought about by toxins, stress hormones and neurotransmitters in the bloodstream to the brain. Doing HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocol regularly nourishes the brain and enables the nervous system to function properly. The immune system also becomes much stronger. More white blood cells are released to deal with the small loss of blood from hijama. Muscles and areas of tension become relaxed. This results in the whole body to function in a much healthier way. HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocol also helps in conditions of ADD and ADHS. It also helps with brain fog where a person has difficulty concentration. It can help with headaches or migraines that come on suddenly and become worse with standing, and grows more severe as the day progresses. Also helps with memory loss which may lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. And it helps with mood disorders, particularly anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and seizures.

HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing Protocol

When you have problems with brain function such as headaches, migraines, memory weakness, brain fog, inability to concentrate, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, etc. we would recommend HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocol. This is also an effective treatment for removing heavy metals, toxins and other harmful elements in the body. HijamaEnergetics Head Clearing protocol is a 6-month Multi-Session program where you are required to come in once a month for 6 months. In addition to Hijama, you are also provided nutritional guidance, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies. Cost is $480 per month.

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