Holistic Solution for Hair Loss in Men and Women

Are you noticing that your hair is losing its thickness and becoming limp? It can be frustrating to see strands of your hair sticking to your hairbrush or clumps of hair collecting in your shower drain. Many people think this is mainly a men’s issue, but actually women also suffer from hair loss. In the US, it is reported that women account for 40% of hair loss sufferers. For women, hormonal changes can be a major contribution factor to hair loss.

According to Mayo Clinic, leading causes of hair loss is genetics, medications and immunosuppressant drugs. Immunosuppressant drugs are drugs that lowers your body’s ability to reject a transplanted organ. They are also commonly given to patients with psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, lupus and multiple sclerosis. They may help with these diseases but a common side effect is the loss of your hair, Ouch!

For men, the cause of hair loss is mainly due to sensitivity to the male androgen hormone, DHT. This hormone causes hair follicles to shrink, shortening the life span of follicles and decreasing overall hair production. When DHT is high in men, hair growth will be reduced. The result will be male pattern baldness. On the other hand, hair loss in women is mainly due to hormone imbalance, stress, toxic exposure, and thyroid conditions. Additional causes of hair loss in women include significant life changes that cause hormone fluctuations like menopause, birth control pills, and having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Some conventional treatments for hair loss includes Rogaine which can be found over the counter. Rogaine’s side effects include itching, burning, increased hair loss, swelling of the face, and at the site of application. If too much of this medication is absorbed into your body, you can experience more severe symptoms such as blurred vision, fainting, flushing, headache, weight gain, and more. Another medical approach is steroid injections. Side effects of this treatment include pain at the injection site, thinning of the skin, increase of blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more. Another medical approach is hair transplantation surgery which involves taking hair from one area of the scalp (where it is fuller) and moving it to a balding or thinning area. Risks include allergic reaction to anesthesia, failed grafts, infection, scarring, loss of feeling on your scalp, and excessive blood loss. Why not try a holistic solution to your hair loss problem, which is safer and more effective? HijamaEnergetics for hair loss is a 6-month multiple sessions treatment which includes hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy, nutritional, essential oils and bioenergetics remedies.

MicroCurrent Therapy for Hair Loss

At HijamaEnergetics, the first step in tackling hair loss of any kind is to address any existing scar tissue on the scalp. Scar tissue prevents hair growth and may even naturally appear over time as the hair dies off. To address scar tissue, we use microcurrent therapy. We gently brush over the entire head focusing on trouble areas with a brush electrode.  This will help to promote blood flow and correct any poor electrical communication. It also encourages the regrowth of lost hair and prevent additional hair loss.

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