How BioEnergetics Can Help Heal Your Disease?

The medical industry is based on a disease model. When someone is struggling with symptoms, the medical industry gathers those symptoms and gives them a collective name such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, gout, etc. These are called a diseases, and anyone with that collection of symptoms is said to have that disease.

But just by looking at symptoms and not going deeper to find out why things went wrong with our health in the first place, we are not able get solutions that can bring about lasting relief. Since the medical industry only looks at symptoms, they will put you on drugs for the rest of your life, often increasing the dosage of drugs over time. Or they will cut something (surgery) or kill something (as in chemotherapy), never really healing the underlying causes. This is the downside of modern medical industry.

While the medical industry largely focuses on the chemistry of the body (which is what drugs interact with), bioenergetics focuses on what actually drives chemistry, and that is Energy. The presence and movement of energy drive everything in the body. So when there’s a problem, it starts right there at the energy level. Bioenergetics is an emerging field of healthcare where our focus is in understanding, assessing, and correcting the body’s energy control system. With bioenergetics, we don’t focus much in diagnosing disease or looking at symptoms. Our goal is to know how the body should be operating, because when it’s operating correctly, the body’s wisdom already knows how to heal itself and stay healthy. All we need to do is to support the body’s wisdom by using energetic resonance to communicate with it, providing the right frequency to guide it back to health. Energy follows frequencies, so if we can provide the right ones, we can restore better function and let the body work its own miracles from there. This is why, with bioenergetics, you can see so many results that the medical industry cannot explain. HijamaEnergetics provides bioenergetic scanning to find energy distortions in your body and mind, and we also provide bioenergetic liquid remedies to correct those imbalances. That’s how we restore your body’s own wisdom and heal you through whatever disease you may be struggling with.

Our BioEnergetic system allows you to:

1) Assess your body in just seconds through the bioenergetic scan for a detailed analysis of the body-field … the underlying control system of all the body’s activity.

2.) Rejuvenate your body’s energy with powerful microcurrent therapy that clear blockages, release trigger points, and correct energy flow through the body.

3.) Restore an optimal blueprint for the body to build itself from using bioenergetic liquid remedies. This supports energy production and correct communication throughout the body.

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