How to Address Your Emotional Health Problems?

In the field of bioenergetics, emotions are recognized as a key factor in health. They can either be contributing to our good health or can become a means of causing ill health.

That’s because everything is made of energy, including our body. Every organ and cell in our body produces waves of energy. When these energy spheres are in harmony, our body is healthy. On the other hand, when anything (including a disruptive emotion) is introduced into the body that disrupts the natural harmony of the body’s energetic waves, it results in a breakdown of body functions resulting in dis-ease.

Bioenergetics recognizes that everything is made up of energy, including your body. Every body part, organ and cells have its own energetic waves. When your body’s internal energy waves are in harmony, you are in good health. Emotions play a key role in your health. Some emotions support harmony in your body and therefore feel good to you. On the other hand, some emotions disrupt the harmony and feel bad to you. Both are valuable as a tool for understanding the world around us, but the body isn’t designed to continually deal with disruptions, just as it’s not designed to continually deal with toxic air, food, or water. If a disruptive emotion isn’t fully processed — as in the case of ongoing stress or traumatic events — then it continues to reside in the body-field as a disrupting energy sphere, or what we call an “emotional oscillator.” This breaks down communication and energy efficiency in the body, which is why emotions are connected with so many health problems including exhaustion. It takes a lot more energy to do things when emotions go unresolved! The Mind-Body screen of our bioenergetic scan is designed to show where these oscillators reside and how to address them with at the level of the body-field with infoceuticals. The following bio-energetic remedies are used to address and resolve emotional blockages. 1) Liberator is broadly designed to help loosen and release emotional oscillators, especially those due to more traumatic events. It is our generalist and assists overall to liberate us from emotional events of the past. 2) Brain Holograms are our specialists — they are similar to Liberator, but they go deeper into more specific areas. We can look into details here to see how a past emotional conflict may be impacting specific areas of the body. 3) ESR (Emotional Stress Release) is designed for day-to-day stress, to help keep it at bay. it has a general calming affect that can benefit so many areas of life. 4) Chill is designed to help address long-standing stress, especially due to worry. It may help those who cannot fall asleep easily because they cannot shut off their thoughts, again especially due to worry. HijamaEnergetics brings you cutting edge bioenergetic scan to pinpoint energetic blockages and bioenergetic remedies to clear those blockages to bring your body back to its healthy state.

Bio-Energetics to Clear Emotional Blockages

If you are suffering from emotional blockages such as anxiety, nervousness, worry, depression, etc, we can help you with bioenergetics. Our bioenergetic scan will do a thorough your entire body to see whether the energetic blockages are located. Then it shows the exact bioenergetic remedies your body needs to resolve the emotional blockages. Contact us today for more info.

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