How to Overcome Arthritis Pain with Electricity


Electricity for pain relief? It may sound scary. But it can be the healing remedy you are seeking to overcome the pain you suffering from. With microcurrent therapy, we’re talking about real life, long-term solutions to pain that require no drugs, no side effects, no long recovery periods, and no invasive surgeries.

You may not realize it, but your body is an electrical organism. Your brain, your heart, and cells are all electrically active. Electricity is how the cells in your body communicate with each other— and good communication between cells, organs, and tissues promotes healing. In fact, it’s key to good health. With microcurrent, you use electricity to change and correct this communication.

Salmah was a hard-working nurse, dedicating her life to others in need. She often spent 10-12 hours a day on her feet, running all over the hospital. The problem started when she noticed aches and pains that persisted much longer than usual. Salmah’s foot burned, throbbed, and got in the way of her day-to-day tasks. This prompted Salmah to seek out medical assistance. She was quickly diagnosed with arthritis in her left foot. Feeling defeated, Salmah decided the only course of action would be to retire early from her beloved nursing job. Salmah’s niece suggested microcurrent therapy. Her foot was treated only locally using microcurrent therapy on the area of pain as well as the opposite foot. After one treatment session, Salmah felt much better. However, she expected the pain to return with high intensity. The pain returned slowly but the pain she felt was much reduced. Motivated by such encouraging results, Salmah booked a second appointment a week later. She got the same treatment a second time and once again felt much better. She decided to go for several more sessions of microcurrent therapy. After each session, the pain reduced even more. When the day came for her doctor’s medical test, she was nervous to hear what her doctors would say about her arthritis and her ability to continue working. To Salmah’s great joy, was given the green light to get back to work. She was happy to note that she had finally overcome her arthritis pain.

Microcurrent is a natural healing technology that gently delivers electrical impulses at an extremely low frequency, typically between 0.5 and 2500 hertz. These exact same electrical frequencies are found naturally in the human body. This is important because if you want to use electricity to get your body functioning normally again, you need to use an electrical current compatible with what your body is already using Instead, microcurrent helps to gently correct intercellular communication in ways that promote real healing, regeneration, and long-term pain resolution

Microcurrent is so body-friendly that it doesn’t shut down, disrupt, or cause shock or injury to the body’s systems. It also doesn’t make you feel well when you’re not, like many conventional pain treatment

Microcurrent therapy is available at HijamaEnergetics as part of treatment for pain relief. This includes conditions like: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Shingles, Acne, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Headaches and Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Eye Fatigue, Menstrual Cramps, Menopause Symptoms, Broken Bones, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many more.

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