Imams Get A FREE Basic HijamaEnergetics Session

As a token of appreciation to the hard work of Imams at various local masjids, we are now offering a FREE Basic HijamaEnergetics session. Imams can get a FREE Basic session once a year. This offer also applies to Huffaz and Alims for men, and also Huffazas and Alimahs for women.

All you have to do is to call us to set up the appointment. All HijamaEnergetics sessions for men is done by Amin Shah, and all HijamaEnergetics sessions for ladies is done by sis Nusrat. The Basic session takes about an hour and it includes a deep tissue massage. Sessions for men can be done everyday except Fridays, and sessions for women are available on Sat and Sundays only.

If you are the Imam of your local masjid, you can now get a Basic HijamaEnergetics session totally FREE of charge. And you can repeat your FREE Basic session once a year at no charge. This offer also applies for Hafizs and Hafizzas (women), and also to Alims and Alimahs (women). HijamaEnergetics Basic consists of 6 cups on the upper and midback area of the body which includes the shoulder blades. We do 3 cycles on the back. Basic is a general cleansing process which removes the dirty blood from the channels in the back. An overload of toxins in your body can disrupt proper functioning of various processes such as respiration, digestion, hormonal, reproduction, etc. A Basic HIjamaEnergetics session helps with the removal of toxins from your body through the suction action that draws blood toxins closer to the tissues. These toxins that lie closer to the skin surface are then removed easily. By pulling out the dirty blood, we remove toxins and poisons that clog up your bloodflow and cause health problems. After dirty blood is pulled out, your body will automatically make fresh clean oxygenated blood that is refreshing and energizing to you. Benefits of doing Basic HijamaEnergetics includes better energy, better thinking, better sleep, reduction of fatigue and reduction in inflammation. If you have pain and health issues that require more than a Basic session, we will deduct the cost of Basic. For instance, if you have headaches and want to do the Head HijamaEnergetics which costs $360, we will deduct the cost of Basic which is $120, so you end up paying only $240. If you are an Imam, Hafiz or Hafiza, Alim or Alimah, call to schedule a FREE Basic HijamaEnergetics session.

FREE Basic HijamaEnergetics for Imams, Hafiz/Hafizas and Alims/Alimahs

As the Imam of a local masjid, Hafiz or Hafizas and Alims or Alimah, we honor your great service to the community. You are entitled to a FREE Basic HijamaEnergetics session. If you have additional pain or health issues, and need a more intensive session, eg. lower back pain, sciatica pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, head pain, etc., we will deduct $120 (cost of Basic) from your session. You can call us to setup an appointment for your session.

Questions? Contact:
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