Is Your Body Becoming Acidic?

Did you know that we were born in an alkaline state. As babies, our skin, muscles, organs and glands were alkaline and we were full of energy and vitality. We rarely fell ill and rarely had aches and pain.

But as we grew older, due to poor food and lifestyle choices, our bodies became more acidic. When our bodies become acidic, we open ourselves up to all kinds of pain, ailments and diseases. Our body becomes acidic due to a diet rich in acids, emotional stress, toxic overload, immune reactions and actions that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients.

Acidity is a condition that weakens all body systems. Acidity forces the body to borrow minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium from vital organs, bones, and teeth to neutralize the acid. As a result, the body can suffer severe and prolonged corrosion due to high acidity, a condition that may go undetected for years. Initial signs that your body has become acidic include experiencing aches and pain. Also experiencing diarrhea, constipation, or bloating. And experiencing heartburn, acid reflex or gerd. Also feeling weak, tired and having low energy. And experiencing agitation, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. And having skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and hives. Also suffering from loss of libido. And increased dental decay. For women, signs include cramping before or during periods. Signs of long-term body acidity are far more serious. It includes osteoporosis. Also, weak immune system. And chronic digestive problems. Arthritis, joint, and ligament problems. And kidney stones, kidney diseases, and gout. Heart and circulation problems. Fungal and bacterial infections. When our body is too acidic, we suffer from a condition known as insulin resistance. This insulin resistance forces excessive insulin to be produced in order to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. As a result, the body is flooded with so much insulin that it diligently converts every calorie into fat. The beta cells in the pancreas are responsible for making insulin, the endocrine hormone that controls blood glucose levels. These beta cells are especially sensitive to pH and cannot survive if the body is too acidic. When this occurs, beta cells will lose phase with one another. Their cellular communication will be thwarted, and the body’s immune system will start to over-respond. Stress within the cells will increase, making it more difficult for them to perform adequately and survive. The result is increased likelihood of type 2 diabetes, as well as other dangerous symptoms of insulin resistance, including higher risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.[/caption]

Overcome Acidity with HijamaEnergetics

If you are acidic, there is hope. HijamaEnergetics only uses natural healing modalities such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies to help bring the body back to its alkaline state. We recommend a 4-month Alkalize protocol neutralize the overload of acid in the body.

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