Performing Body-Based Ruqyah on Clients with Sihr/Jinn Afflictions

Previously, I used to perform regular ruqyah when clients come to me complaining of disturbances due to sihr/jinn afflictions. With regular ruqyah, I would just recite Quranic verses and then see what reactions the people have.

Some people would show very obvious reactions such as screaming or collapsing on the floor – which indicated that these people have indeed sihr/jinn afflictions. Then there are others who would show subtle reactions. In these cases I could not notice any clear reactions, but after completion of my reaction, they would say something like they felt something crawling under their skin. Then there are some people who would not exhibit any reactions. After my recitation of Quran, when I ask them if they got any reaction, they would say “Nope”. So, I would dismiss them as people with no sihr/jinn affliction. But for the past couple of clients, I decided to try something new.

Instead of performing the regular ruqyah which is recitation of Quran verses only, I performed body-based ruqyah on the past couple of clients and got remarkable results. In body-based ruqyah, in addition to the recitation of Quranic verses, I would press on various points on the body to find where the jinn is hiding. One client, who come in saying she is suffering much due to sihr or ain (evil eye). I started to probe by pressing on specific points in her body to find where the jinns are. After a few minutes, she muttered some strange words which didn’t sound like her. I didn’t understand the words and when I asked her what she is saying, she said she also didn’t understand the words. She said she wasn’t the one saying those strange words, but she was aware it was coming from inside her. I kept reciting and continued pressing points in her body until the voice reduced and the pain went away. Another client said her head would shake when she was playing ruqyah recitations on her smartphone. I recited some verses from Quran and pressed on her head. Her head started shaking together with her neck and upper shoulders. At certain spots that I was pressing, her whole body would shake. And she was throwing up white foamy sputum. My wife put a bucket down so she can spit into bucket. As I continued to press on points on her head, she continued to spit out the foamy white sputum, and that went on for an hour or more. When we were done, there was quite a large pool of white foamy sputum in the bucket. This is due to the person having eaten food or drink that is tainted with magic portion (sihr element) and now it was coming out. After the session, she was feeling much more relaxed and at ease. I find doing the body-based ruqyah is much more effective with my clients than the regular ruqyah. If you are suffering from any sihr/jinn afflictions, come try our new effective body-based ruqyah.

How is Body-Based Ruqyah Different from Regular Ruqyah?

With regular ruqyah, the raqi recites the Quranic verses. This has a good effect on a person who may be afflicted with sihr/jinn. However, when we press on specific points in the body, the results are much more. We can locate where the jinn is located in the body, and when that is found, we can get rid of it by telling it to come out. The jinn can come out through the mouth, the fingers of the hand, or the toes of the feet. When the jinn is removed, the person feels relief and relaxed.

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