Prevention is Better than Cure. Do the Basic Every Few Months

If you are healthy and don’t have any bodily pain or health issues, you should still take preventive measures to continue being healthy such as eating nutritious foods and staying away from junk food. Also, daily exercise to get the body moving even if its just walking around the block for half hour.

Another sensible thing to do is the HijamaEnergetics Basic every few months. This is a general blood cleansing process for the entire body. It is done by applying 6 cups on the upper and mid back. You have several energetic channels running in your back. By doing the Basic on your back, it helps to opens up blockages and reestablishes good circulation.

Dirty blood is nothing like your regular blood. Regular blood runs like water in a river within your body. Dirty blood is darkish red, lumped up, thick and sticky. It doesn’t run, it stagnates in various parts of your body. Dirty blood is the compilation of toxins and poisons in your body. It contains waste such as dead red blood cells, dead white blood cells, uric acid and other negative elements that must be removed from your body. If dirty blood is allowed to remain in your body, it will lead to various pain, ailments and chronic diseases. When dirty blood is removed, your body will naturally and automatically make fresh clean blood in your bone marrow. This fresh and clean blood will be oxygenated blood which bring new vitality and energy to your body. By regularly taking out dirty blood, you encourage your body to make fresh clean blood which keeps your body in a healthy mode. This prevents pain and diseases to show up in your body later in the future. One of the best investments you can make is to do HijamaEnergetics Basic every few months. If you are healthy, we recommended doing the Basic every 4 months. If you have pain or ailments in body, then you must do the HijamaEnergetics session more frequently, perhaps every 2-3 months. If you have chronic ailments such as arthritis or diabetes, you should do a HijamaEnergetics session every month. If you have a life threatening disease such as cancer, it is recommended do HijamaEnergetics session every 2 weeks. Contact us to schedule your HijamaEnergetics Basic session. The Basic takes less than a hour, its affordable and brings a lot of benefits to your health.

HijamaEnergetics Basic as a Prevention for Pain and Diseases

Basic is a great thing to do every few months. It has numerous benefits for your health. It is a prevention measure for more serious diseases to set in. If you are already healthy, it is recommended to do the Basic every 4 months. The Basic takes less than an hour. You can be in and out in just a little time. It is also easy on the body, not much pain or discomfort. The cost is affordable and easy on your wallet.

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