Restore Your Body-Field, Restore Your Health

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a body that looks very solid. You see a physical body. The medical industry also looks at the physical body and offers treatments based on the physical body. Unfortunately, the drugs given by the medical industry only suppress the symptoms, which creates other side effects.

The fact is when we look deeper into the physical body, we find that we are actually made up of energy. It is the movement of this energy that determines how our body works. When there are problems with this movement of energy, we become sick and tired.

Keeping our family members happy and healthy is a vital concern for us. But if we are only providing physical solution to an energy problem, we’ll get a temporary solution at best. By approaching the ailment from an energetic point, we can get to the root cause of good health and bring about a deeper, longer-lasting solution. In order to do so, we need to restore the proper flow of energy in our body. When we restore the body-field, we are restoring the underlying control system of our body. This includes our organs and systems right down to your cells and DNA. This control system runs on resonant communication, which can get distorted by toxins, pathogens, and even emotional stress and traumas. These need to be resolved and communication restored, and this is done by bringing the correct resonance (or what we call “information”) back into the body-field. We do that by taking bioenergetic remedies called Infoceuticals. This is based on decades of research that led to the discovery that is simple for you to use and gain benefit from. The infoceuticals are water based lliquid solutions that come in small bottles. Because of the way water structures itself in the body (becoming something like a gel), it can literally take shape under the influence of information or resonance, becoming the carrier of information for the rest of your body! Got a health problem that the doctors are baffled with and can’t provide a good solution. Try our bioenergetic remedies. HijamaEnergetics now provides a bioenergetic scan to pinpoint the blockages in the energy flow of your body. Then we have bio-energetic remedies to correct the energetic distortions and bring your body back to balance again.

Using BioEnergetics to Restore Your Body to Health

Go beyond the physical aspects of your body, and get to the energetic realm. When you have energetic distortions, these are the root cause of your ailments. By doing a bioenergetic scan and getting a report on how energy is flowing in your body, we are able to pinpoint where are the problems areas. Then by taking bioenergetic remedies to correct those energy distortions, we can help your body to come back to balance and health.

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