Signs You May Have Consumed Sihr Elements

One of the ways in which sihr affects us negatively is when the sihr elements have been put into our food or drink and we consume it. This is usually done by a person who has feelings of hasad (jealousy) against us. Maybe we are progressing in our career or business while his business is not, and that person feels jealous about it. Maybe our family members are good to each other, while his (or hers) is not and he feels jealous about that.

The person with hasad then goes to the sorcerer and asks him to do something bad to us. The sorcerer prepares some sihr elements and tells the person with hasad to put it into our food or drink. When we consume the food or drink that’s mixed with the sihr elements, it enters our body and bad things start to happen to our health and life.

When you consume food or drink which has sihr elements in it, it gets into your body and negative things start to happen to your health and life. Some of the signs that you may have consumed sihr elements are (1) You feel a lot of pain in your stomach area. If you have newly consumed the sihr elements, you may feel like someone is cutting your stomach. Also, you would be vomiting out so much, especially in the early stages. (2) When you hear recitation of Quran, you feel nauseas at your neck area. Your throat feels like wanting to vomit. (3) You feel so much gas in your stomach. When there is much gas, you always feeling like farting, especially after making wudhu or in the middle of salat. (4) When you’re reading Quran, you feel something is moving in your stomach. (5) Feeling like there are small balls in your throat every time you read Quran (6) Feeling of hot coals at the end of your fingers and also in various parts of your body. (7) Bad smell emitting from the side of your stomach. And this bah smell gets worse in the middle of ruqyah recitation (8) Your appetite for meals disappears suddenly. You may also become allergic to milk and honey. (9) Husband and wife suddenly lose interest in having intimate relations. If not treated, husband and wife cannot seem to get together for intimate relations anymore. (10) Feeling lots of pain at the time of menstrual (for women) (11) Your eyesight suddenly becomes weak for no apparent reason. (13) Having breathing difficulties although you do not suffer from asthma or other ailments that usually makes it difficult to breathe. (14) Your face turns darkish when ruqyah is recited. After ruqyah is done and the effects of sihr is removed, your skin complexion returns back to its original color. If you have any of these signs, we recommend getting a Ruqyah Diagnostic session which discerns if your ailment is from sihr or not. When it is confirmed that you have consumed sihr elements, we have a suitable treatment plan to nullify the sihr and get you back to functioning well in life. If not treated, the sihr elements will continually pull you downwards and cause so much negativity in your life. Contact HijamaEnergetics to schedule your Ruqyah Diagnostics session.

Rukyah Diagnostics to Discern if Your Ailment is from Sihr

Rukyah Diagnostics is a 45 min session where Quranic verses are read to you and we observe your reactions. If you indeed have sihr, you would show a strong reaction when Quranic verses are recited. We have had people who started shouting when Ruqyah Diagnostic was made. One person’s hand started swaying strongly, while she turned and told us that she is not moving her arms. Another person collapsed on the table. Her mother and we had to move her to lie on the carpet. Sometimes the reaction is mild. When Quranic recitation was done, we didn’t notice much reaction from the person, but after the recitation the person mentioned they were feeling headaches. Another person mentioned there was heat moving upwards from his knees to thighs. Another person said they felt something crawling under their skin. These mild reactions indicate the person has Ain (evil eye). The third group of people feel no reaction at all when hearing the Quranic recitation. This means the person does not have sihr elements in their body. Ruqyah Diagnostics cost $120 and is performed by Amin Shah. Ruqyah Diagnostics for husband and wife is $200.

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