The Importance of Finding Blockages

When a client comes in for a HijamaEnergetics session, after hearing from the client the pain or health issue they want to overcome, the first thing we do is to find blockages that are contributing to that ailment.  This act of finding blockages is done before any cups are placed on the body and before any cuts are made.

Finding blockages entails tracking the path of pain. That’s because when someone has pain, it normally does not stay at one or two points only. For instance, if someone comes to us saying they have knee pain, we do not quickly put one or two cups on the knees and do Hijama there, and complete the session in 20 min and send them on their way. Doing Hijama before finding where the blockages are the telltale sign of an amateur Hijama practitioner. The relief you get may only be temporary.

In order to do ruku’ comfortably in salat, your knees need to be free from blockages. Only then can the knees be flexible enough to bend without any pain or discomfort. If there are blockages in the knees, usually the pain will not be localized just in the knees alone. If you do Hijama by putting a cup or two on the knees alone, you will not get lasting relief from knee pain. At best, you will get some temporary relief but the pain may very well come back after some time. The correct way to get lasting relief from knee pain is to first find the blockages. This is done by tracking the path of pain at the knee points. When we track the path of pain from the knees, sometimes the track may run downwards to the calves. And sometimes it may run up the thighs. At times, it can even run up to the thighs, buttocks and to the lower back, and it can also run downwards to the calves too at the same time. This indicates that the sciatic nerve is inflamed and you would need to do a sciatic nerve treatment. The only way to find out for sure is to do the process of “finding blockages”. Finding blockages is the specialty of HijamaEnergetics. It took me years of practical experience in the field of Hijama to be able to find blockages. We seek blockages at 3 levels – physical, mental/emotional and sihr/jinn level. Sometimes what may seem like a physical problem may actually be in the mental/emotional realm. Case in point – one person came to us complaining of digestive problems. She said she can’t seem to eat various foods recently which she used to eat before. At first, we thought the blockages were in the stomach area. But when we looked for blockages, we found that actually the blockage was in the heart area, signifying that it is an emotional issue. I tested for validity and got a confirmation that this problem is actually an emotional issue. When I asked her about it, she opened up and readily admitted that she was emotional down due to some things that were going on in her life at this time. Once the real blockages were found, then we were able to treat her correctly with the right treatment. When we identify the blockages, we will give you a number of options so you can pick the right treatment for you based on your budget and time. Its not our practice to force you into any treatment that you are not ready for. So don’t miss out on “finding blockages” when you come for your HijamaEnergetics treatment. Best of all, finding blockages is FREE and it is included in your HijamaEnergetics session.

Overcome Knee Pain with HijamaEnergetics

The knee is a vulnerable joint that bears a great deal of stress from everyday activities, such as lifting and kneeling, and from high-impact activities, such as jogging and aerobics. So when you’re having knee pain, it can be quite troubling. It can make you unable to perform proper ruku’ and sajdah in salat.  Not to worry. You can overcome knee pain with HijamaEnergetics sessions. We will find the blockages that are causing the pain in your knees. We will track the path of pain, and then do Hijama on the entire path so you are able to get lasting relief from that pain.

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