The Natural Way to Relieve Painful Muscle Knots

Maybe you were feeling fine yesterday but after doing some lower body physical exercises in the evening, you started to feel sore points in your legs, buttock and lower back. Or maybe you went to bed just fine, but you wake up with hardened, sensitive spots in areas including your neck, shoulders, or back? Sometimes these painful spots can develop over a few days.

These pain spots are often referred to as muscle knots. They can come about when you strain or overstress your muscles. It may also come about when you are sitting too long in one position such as when you are doing a desk or computer job or doing a driver’s job such as cab or truck driver.

Sitting at your desk staring at the computer screen for extended periods of time without enough breaks in between can lead to getting muscle knots in your neck and shoulders. Also, if you are sitting in one position such as when you are driving a cab or truck can lead to muscle knots too. Muscle knots also commonly develop as a result of engaging in new activities, such as doing a new movement, or taking up a new sport or even from overuse in terms of workout load. They can also be caused by car accidents, slips or falls, or muscle strains or injuries. These types of trauma can damage muscle tissue, as the muscles are being stretched beyond its limits. When these injuries occur, there will be inflammation in the area, the tissues under the skin contract and hold the blood. The blood turns to dirty blood as it gets stagnant and is not able to flow like regular blood. Muscle knots are often very tender to the touch and can refer pain to other areas of the body, usually in the area of the knot. This can change the blood flow and nutrient flow in and out of the knotted muscle. This ultimately changes the way the muscle functions and trigger points are developed. Researchers have found that muscle knots don’t show up on medical scans, so they aren’t entirely sure what the muscle is doing to cause pain. Some doctors think muscle spasms may affect blood flow, and that’s what makes the knotted area hurt. Other doctors say the pain could be caused by nerves that are triggered by the spasms. No matter what causes it, a muscle knot is painful, and this pain can linger for days or weeks. The discomfort might affect your work or make it hard to do things you enjoy. To overcome the pain of muscle knots, its important to open up the knot and release the dirty blood, so the blockages are removed and blood can flow freely again in the body thereby relieving the pain. One of the ways to overcome muscle knots is by massage. By massaging the area around the muscle knots, you can relieve the pain. A more effective way is to do massage first and then do Hijama on the area to pull out the dirty blood from the muscle knot. At HijamaEnergetics, we work on muscle knots utilizing this 2-step process of massage first followed by Hijama to bring about lasting relief from the pain of muscle knots.

Relieving Muscle Knots with HijamaEnergetics
Feeling sore points in your body? You may be suffering from painful muscle knots. Not to worry, HijamaEnergetics can help. We only use natural healing modalities to relieve you of the pain of muscle knots. We utilize a 2-step process to work on muscle knots. First step is to massage the area around the knots. Step 2 is to do Hijama on the area and pull out the dirty blood thereby relieving you of the pain of muscle knots. Call us for a free consultation over the phone about your condition.

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