The Secret to A Strong Immune System

At times, you may be surprised to find some people in your circle of friends and family, who seem to be always healthy and energetic. They go through the various seasons of winter, spring and fall without any health issues. On the hand, with the change of weather, we find ourselves getting the cold/flu and aches/pain.

Some people seem to have such good metabolism that they can eat anything and still not gain much weight. We may start to wonder what is it that these people have that I don’t. We wonder if Allah (swt) has bestowed on them some special blessings that we didn’t get. But is there more to the picture?

People who seem to be always healthy and energetic have one thing in common. They have strong immune system. From a bioenergetic perspective, we say these people have strong Source energy. Our body has to be able to deal with the circumstances that it has been exposed to, and it starts from the body-level. If your Source energy is strong, your body does what it is designed to do, which is to work properly and keep you healthy. So just the fact that you aren’t operating on your normal level provides a clue that your Source energy may be low. Source energy can be thought of as a kind of life-force energy. From a body-field perspective, this Source energy forms a Driver field in the body, being attracted by and stored in the body. Our stores of Source energy tend to become depleted by stress, being indoors too much, poor nutrition, and exposure to toxins, among other factors. This depletion increases the probability that our bodies may not be able to maintain balance. That’s why getting your Source energy in line is key to optimal health. Source Energy is bioenergetically the “Driver of Drivers” because it powers all the other Driver fields. When correcting the Drivers of the body-field, it always takes priority, so any distortion in the Energy is corrected first, before any other Driver field imbalances are addressed. It is vital for your immune system that your Energy field be restored or supported before actual bioenergetic correlations to any stressors are addressed. By correcting how your organs attract and store Source energy, your body is strengthened and can begin to properly support your health the way your body is designed to. You can get recommendations on getting Source Energy bioenergetic remedy from HijamaEnergetics.

Source Energy Bioenergetic Remedy

If you’re looking to support and strengthen your immune system, Source energy bioenergetic remedy should be on the top of your list. We are also offering a FREE bioenergetic scan for this month of January. Contact us today for your bioenergetic scan and also Source energy bioenergetic remedy.

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