To Protect Yourself from Virus and Bacteria, Do This One Thing

Did you know that viruses are the most abundant microorganism on earth? They are everywhere. We are constantly surrounded by viruses as we go about doing our tasks throughout the day. We may think that wearing a mask and distancing yourself from people can keep you safe. The truth is they cannot prevent us from getting a virus, bacteria or infection.

The one thing that really matters in keeping you safe from virus and infection is having a strong immune system. The strength of your immune system determines how well your body will fight off bacteria, virus, or infection.

A strong immune system is the one thing that can fight off virus, bacteria and infection. Your immune system can be thought of as your shield against the bad elements. The stronger your shield, the more protection you have. If your shield is weak, virus and bacteria can attack and gain entry into your body. For virus and bacteria to enter your body, they must first get through the physical barriers which is your skin, nose hairs, mucus, and stomach acid. Once they have passed this first line of defense, they can cause infection. Our second line of defense is our blood. In addition to red blood cells, our blood has white blood cells whose job is to attack and fight off foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria. There are several types of white blood cells and they have different roles in defending the body against bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. Some of these white blood cells fight the invaders directly. When they locate an infection, these cells move to the site under attack to destroy the invading pathogen and prevent illness. Other white cells, called lymphocytes, target invaders in another way, by making antibodies. These cells are able to detect proteins on the surface of pathogens which are different from your body’s own cells. When lymphocytes identify the invaders as not belonging in the body, they produce antibodies against them. This can take a few days, during which time you may feel ill or fever. Antibodies stick to the invaders and make it easier for the other parts of the immune system to identify, destroy and remove the bad guys. That’s why it is important to keep your blood clean and oxygenated. This can be achieved by doing a HijamaEnergetics session regularly. The HIjamaEnergetics single session cleanses your blood of toxins, viruses and bacteria. It is also effective in overcoming body pains. The HijamaEnergetics multi-session is to overcome chronic ailments, this can go on for 6-12 months. We only use natural healing remedies such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies. Be wise – invest in your health. Getting sick, struggling with pain and unable to function in life – that’s expensive.

HijamaEnergetics to Overcome Virus, Bacteria and Infection

In order to ward off virus, bacteria and infection, you need to strengthen your immune system. Your immune system is like a shield against these things. If your immune system is weak, viruses and bacteria can penetrate your body and cause harm to you. Regular sessions of HijamaEnergetics single session every 4 to 6 months can help to remove the toxins, bacteria and other negative elements from your blood. If you have chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, thyroid (hypo or hyper), then the HijamaEnergetics Multi-Session would be right for you. This is a 6-12 months healing program. We only use natural healing modalities such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetics remedies.

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