What the Energetic Scan Reveals About Your Health

Are you interested to find out what blockages are there in your body that is causing problems with your health? And do you want the information from a holistic point of view and not from a medical view which only looks at the physical aspect?

If so, a bioenergetic scan by HijamaEnergetics may be just the thing you are looking for. The bioenergetic scan not only reveals your individual blockages, but it also points out your environmental, nutritional and emotional weaknesses.

The HijamaEnergetics bioenergetic scan reveals a lot of things about your health. For starters is reveals your energy field and where there is weakness. It also reveals the environmental effect on your health especially the earth’s massive field. Its important to make sure our energy field is in alignment with the earth energy field. If its not in alignment, it can throw off everything else in the body and cause health problems. Then we test of for your body-field’s polarity, as it’s meant to keep a slightly negative charge. The scan also reveals your nutritional and metabolism factors, and shows if you have heavy metals in your body which can cause many health issues. A major component of the scan is that it reveals the bioenergetics of emotions on your body. Emotional shock and trauma, if not fully processed, leave an energetic signature, or an oscillating sphere of energy, in an area of the brain. This alters the correct flow of both energy and information in the body-field. If not resolved, this can lead to long-term problems. This is especially true if many of these energy spheres have been built up through the years. In fact, there’s a great deal of research into the health and longevity impact of “adverse childhood experiences,” or ACEs, which are traumatic events in childhood. Results of the scan can guide you to explore more about your diet or exercise; for instance, if the liver field is stressed, you might need to look at backing off things like junk food that cause it stress. Or if the pancreas field is stressed, you may look at ways to reduce your sugar intake and ease its burden in balancing blood sugar levels. If “Movement” shows up, it may encourage you to engage in more activity … or to back off if you find that you’re regularly going at a frantic pace. When the blockages are identified by the bioenergetic scan, we provide bioenergetics remedies that help release their energy remnants from the body and restore correct flow.

BioEnergetic Scan by HijamaEnergetics

The cost of a bioenergetic scan by HijamaEnergetics is $150. To do the scan, all you have to do is to place your hand on the scanner which is shaped like a computer mouse for about 10 seconds. The scanner will read your body’s configuration and will display its findings on the screen. You will be given a detailed printout of your personalized bio-energetic scan. We will then go over the results with you. The scan also displays the remedies needed to correct the health problems. The remedies come in a liquid bottle. Just drop about 10 droplets into a cup of water or juice and drink. The remedies costs $50 a bottle. It is recommended to do another scan a month later, and get the remedies for those imbalances. You are recommended to continue for about 6 months. The remedies are $50 a bottle.

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