Why Having Thick Blood Can Be Problematic to Your Health?

Your liver is an essential organ, performing hundreds of functions necessary to sustain life. Your liver is also the largest internal organ in your body. It’s spongy, reddish-brown in color and located on the right side of the body, under the ribs.

The liver cleans toxins out of the blood. It gets rid of old red blood cells. It metabolizes protein, carbs and fats so your body can use them. It produces substances to help blood clot. It makes bile, a fluid that helps the body digest food. If we didn’t give proper attention to this vital organ, it could eventually lead to total liver failure. Here are some of the signs that there are blockages in your liver, and that could spell trouble down the line.

Is your skin feeling itchy? And are there some strange rashes and bruises showing up on your skin? You know you didn’t bump into something that caused those bruises. They seem to have come by themselves without any apparent reasons. Actually, feeling itchy with your skin and having bruises and rashes on your skin may indicate liver blockages. These blockages do not allow energy and blood to flow properly into your liver and out of it. Another sign of blockages in your liver is when your skin and whites of your eyes turn yellow. This condition is called jaundice. The yellow color of the skin is due to an excess of bilirubin, a yellow waste product produced by the liver. Low blood pressure is another indication of liver blockages. The liver plays a crucial role in regulating blood pressure by producing and releasing certain chemicals that help to control blood flow and blood vessel dilation. When there are blockages in the liver, it is not able to perform its function of taking care of blood pressure. Intense fatigue and exhaustion is another indicator of blockages in your liver. If you feel drained every day, you could be dealing with liver problems. As waste builds up in the liver, it leads to lower oxygen levels, leaving us feeling tired all the time. Swollen ankles are another indicator of liver problems, excess fluid in your legs and feet is due to your liver not functioning properly. Swollen ankles could also indicate blockages in your kidneys and heart. Right shoulder pain can also indicate blockages in your liver. This is usually the case when cancer is in the liver and a tumor is growing. When the tumor increases in mass, it creates immense pressure on surrounding nerves. If the pain is related to your liver, you might also get hiccups easily by putting pressure on your stomach. HijamaEnergetics now offers a bioenergetic scan to find out where the energetic and physical blockages are located in your body. If the blockages are located in your liver, it will show up clearly in the scan report. When we have identified the blockages, we can then design a custom natural treatment to heal your body and clear the blockages in your liver or any other blockages. We only use natural healing modalities such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies. The bioenergetic scan costs $100, but if you do the HijamaEnergetics treatment with us, the scan is included FREE. Call or email us to set an appointment for your HijamaEnergetics session.

HijamaEnergetics for Clearing Liver Blockages
When you have symptoms of liver blockages such as itchy skin, bruises on your skin, yellowing of skin, intense fatigue, swollen ankles, low blood pressure or other health symptoms, we can help you insha-Allah. We are now providing a bioenergetic scan to find out what exactly are the blockages located in your body. After we have identified the location of the blockages, we can then tailor the correct treatment program to overcome your health issue and clear those blockages.

The bioenergetic scan costs $100, but if you do the HijamaEnergetics session with us, that amount is credited back to you, so you end up paying zero for the scan.

HijamaEnergetics provides an effective natural treatment to overcome your health problems. We only use natural healing remedies such as Hijama, herbs, microcurrent therapy and bioenergetic remedies to assist the body’s own healing. Contact us by phone or email to setup a HijamaEnergetics session for you.

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