Why You Should Also Consider the Unseen Cause of Your Ailment?

In this modern time and age, it easy to fall into the trap of narrow thinking of only looking at the physical elements of your ailment. For instance, if you have neck pain, you may think its due to you sleeping in the wrong position last night. If you have lower back pain, you may think you had lifted some heavy objects a couple of days ago that hurt your back.

At HijamaEnergetics, we look into 3 causal levels. The first level is physical realm where most pain and aches arise from. But not all ailments are from the physical realm. Some ailments come from the second level which is the mental/emotional realm. The third level is where most people completely ignore. That third level is the realm of the unseen. In this realm, sihr/jinn play a major role in the cause of your ailments.

Did you know that the unseen realm can play a major role in the cause of your ailment? Before you dismiss this realm as hocus pocus, remember the Prophet (pbuh) himself at one time became the victim of sihr. A Yahudi man from Bani Zaraiq, by the name of Labid ibn Asam had performed sihr on the Prophet (pbuh). The black magic was contained in some strands of hair on a comb and hidden in a deep well. Only after the item was pulled out from the well and the sihr was broken, the Prophet (pbuh) found relief and regained his health. Many Islamic scholars who are well versed in healing sihr/jinn ailments say that these ailments have actually increased drastically in these modern times. Due to feelings of hasad (jealousy), the person goes to a sorcerer asks him to perform some black magic on the person he is jealous about. Having headaches that is not from migraines or high blood pressure can be from the unseen realm. Frequent fights and arguments between husband and wife can also come from the unseen realm. We heard of a woman who wakes up in the mornings and always finds her private parts are wet. She said she has daily dreams of sleeping with another man who is not her husband. Another woman who continued bleeding from her menstrual cycle for more than the usual 10 days, in fact it went on for 35 days until she looked so pale due to losing so much blood. She was found to have a sihr/jinn ailment. Young men who were studying well for their college suddenly find themselves unable to concentrate in their studies could also indicate an unseen ailment. One main indicator that your ailment could be from the unseen realm is when you feel some pain or discomfort, and you go to the doctors, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with your body. If you have some kind of condition that can’t be explained by modern medicine and science, that could indicate its from the unseen realm. If you have such unexplainable conditions and don’t know what to do, come in for a Diagnostic Rukyah at HijamaEnergetics. We can help, insha-Allah.

How to Find Out if You Have Been Hit by the Unseen Realm?

If you have an ailment that doesn’t make sense or can’t be explained by modern medicine and science, then it may be from the unseen realm. In these cases, we would recommend you do a Diagnostic Rukyah. Specific ayats of Quran are recited to reveal if your condition is indeed a sihr/jinn ailment or something else. If you have been hit by the unseen ailment, then there would be some reaction to the rukyah recitation. If you indeed have a sihr/jinn ailment, then we have a treatment program to break the sihr and remove the jinn. The treatment includes a Full-Body Hijama. The Diagnostic Rukyah takes about an hour, and it cost $120. For more info, contact us by phone or email.

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